Commissions/Customs, Semi-customs

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Commissions/Customs, Semi-customs

Post  Leafy on 28th November 2008, 3:24 pm

Sanity isn't overrated x_x;

Commission/Custom form:

Your name: (PI name prefferably)
Unbridled's Name:
Type: (Horsebreed (Arabian, Friesian, Thoroughbred, etc), Donkey, Mule, Zebra, Unicorn, Pegasus, Kirin, Hippocampus, Winged Unicorn, Papillio, Stormbringer or Nightmare)
Color Scheme: (Get as detailed as you want. The more details, the closer I can get to your vision. The fewer details, the more I take artistic liberties)
Extras: (Accessories, Jewelry, Tack, etc.)
Reference Pic: (Pose, markings, or anything you'd like your Unbridled to be inspired by)

Semi-custom form:

Your Name: (PI name prefferably)
Unbridled's Name:

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