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Post  Leafy on 28th November 2008, 3:16 pm

I've been finding it necessary to put up some boundaries to help Holly and I distinguish the boundaries between friendly jesting and not-so-friendly demands on our time and patience. I love you guys, but some ground rules need to be laid out for our sanity.

~ Do not ask things of us you wouldn't ask the owners of any other Adoptables. Suggestions are appreciated, but must be labeled as such and sent to the Unbridled account.

~ Harassment is not appreciated. I realize I do need a prod from time to time, but when PMing either of us becomes something on a daily basis, then it is far too much.

~ Be Polite. Begging, whining and degrading are not appreciated.

~ When sending in forms for customs, semi-customs or anything of the type, I'll be happy to discuss the custom with you via PM, but please also post them to the Customs thread, I need to start being more organized and this would be a big help.

More rules/requests to come.

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