Trading Information and Rules

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Trading Information and Rules

Post  -Hollywood- on 16th June 2008, 5:32 pm


Please keep an eye on this post for information on the current trading rules and procedures.

Is Unbridled a tradable adoptable?

Yes. All the horses, items, and custom coupons are fully tradable between Pony Island users, this does not include trial accounts.

What can I trade my Unbridled and Unbridled items for?

Ponies, PG, BP, and other tradable adoptables are acceptable forms of currency when trading your Unbridled and items, real life cash is not allowed. Due to problems with scamming and chargebacks, we do not want our adoptable traded between users for real life cash. It is a source of problems we wish to avoid. If an Unbridled, or an Unbridled item is caught being traded beneath the table for cash, all the Unbridled horses and items owned by both parties involved will be repossessed and both parties will be banned from all Unbridled affairs. We would really hate for this to happen, but we take the no trading between parties for cash rule very seriously.

Do the Unbridled staff accept responsibility for trades gone wrong?

No. All trades between users are done at their own risk. If you feel you have been scammed, you may contact a Pony Island MOD, but it is not guaranteed that they will be able to help you. You may wish to consult the Pony Island Feedback Forums for information prior to making a trade.

How can I advertise that I am looking for a trade?

The Adoptables Trading forum on Pony Island, and this forum, are both useful for advertising that you are seeking a trade. Please do not PM Unbridled horses and item owners looking for a trade, however. If they are seeking a trade, they will find your thread, or post one of their own.

How to a finalize a trade?

In order for trades to be finalized, please post in the Trading Approval thread with the following information:

- The Usernames of the parties involved in the trade.
- Who is trading what for what.
- The date the trade was agreed upon.
- Links to any adoptables or coupons involved in the trade.
- Amounts for any PG/BP involved in the trade.

Both parties do not need to post this information, only one needs to post it. Verification of the trade does not need to be posted by the person who did not post the information, but please be aware, Unbridled staff will randomly PM the parties who did not post the form and are involved with the trade for verification.

I traded my Unbridled horse and now it needs to be re-certed, how do I get this done?

Send a PM to the Pony Island account Unbridled with "Cert Change" in the title. We cannot guarantee the re-certing will be done immediately, we tend to do it in batches.

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