Roleplay Information and Rules

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Roleplay Information and Rules

Post  -Hollywood- on 16th June 2008, 4:27 pm

Roleplaying for Fun

Feel free to create and run your own roleplay thread for fun. However, prior to creating a new thread, please take a look through this forum and see if there are any existing roleplay threads which are similar to what you are looking for. Roleplaying is much more fun with many participating in a thread, as opposed to several quiet threads. Please keep the rules for roleplaying in mind when creating your own game.

Roleplaying for Prizes

-Hollywood- and Leafy will sometimes lead roleplays, and they are often a good chance to win prizes! The first post of the roleplay will be clearly marked letting everyone know if prizes are involved. The only ones who can hold roleplays for prizes are -Hollywood-, Leafy and whoever they specifically ask to run a roleplay for prizes.

The Rules

I am not a big fan of having too many rules, but previous experience with roleplaying has made it clear to me that some guidelines need to be put into place. All the guidelines will be listed here. Please be aware that these rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time, you may want to check this thread every so often.

-Hollywood-, Leafy or a MOD may step in at any time and give a warning if the rules are being violated. Too many warnings, or a dramatic violation of the rules will result in the thread being locked or deleted.

1) This roleplay forum is rated PG. I ask that all content posted in this forum is kept to that PG rating. The PG rating allows for some mild violence and romance, but it should not be pushed too far. Use your best judgement, and if in doubt, contact -Hollywood-, Leafy or an Unbridled MOD for approval.

If you are 18 or older and are seeking a more mature level of roleplaying, please contact Leafy or -Hollywood- on Pony Island for access to the Unbridled Grown-Up forum.

2) As mentioned earlier, try not to create too many similar roleplay threads. If you are looking to participate in a wild Unbridled roleplay, check around and see if there is already one in progress. Roleplaying is much more fun when more people are involved! If you are looking to develop certain characters and relationships, however, feel free to make a private roleplay thread for yourself and a few other people. All we ask if that the fact the roleplay is private is clearly marked in the first post of the thread, so others are aware. Keep in mind, however, that anyone can view the content you are posting.

3) Powerplaying is not acceptable on the Unbridled roleplay forums. Powerplaying is the act of controlling the outcome of a character other then your own, as opposed to allowing the writer of that character make those decisions themselves.

For example, the following is considered to be powerplaying:

"Matinee pinned her ears against her head and nipped at Allegro's shoulder. Allegro flinched and moved away."

The writer for Matinee is deciding Allegro's actions without permission in this example. The following example would be correct:

"Matinee pinned her ears against her head and nipped at Allegro's shoulder."

This version allows for Allegro to make his own decisions on how to respond to Matinee's actions.

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