Herd positions and their benefits

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Herd positions and their benefits

Post  Liria on 21st June 2008, 2:51 pm

Herd positions and their benefits:

These are the current ranks that your Unbridled can have in a herd, and below each one are listed the powers and the limits the rank has.

Lead stallion: What can you expect with being the lead stallion? Everything! Okay, maybe not everything, but you get to protect everyone. You are *essential* to the protection of the herd; you're their only body guard! Of course they can fight off a few hungry birds, but if there is a cougar around, you'll have to fight it.

Lead mare: The lead stallion may look to everyone like he's the head of the herd. Okay, he pretty much is, but you're the BRAINS. You have the power to choose where your herd is going, and when everyone gets to rest for the night. You must find food for everyone. (though you can get help)

Broodmare: The lead stallion prefers you because you're the herd's baby-making machine! What would happen if many members died and there wasn't any new foals born? The herd would eventually have no members! You take care of the foals.

Offspring: Pretty much the babies of the herd, and the herd's future. Older herd members take care of you and you provide them with being....foals!

Member: With this rank...well, you got the short end of the stick, my friend. silent When you are a member you have no special role playing power when it comes to choosing the locations, etc. The only benefits you have are the protection of your herd and it is also much easier to find food. (though it doesn't guarantee you'll get any if you can't fight for it) Tired of this rank? Then fight your top leaders for a better rank in role play! (the outcome is determined by a dice roll) Don't be discouraged if you have this rank, use it to let your role playing skills blossom! Who says you can't be the herd's prankster, best scavenger, or foal caretaker?

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