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Frequently Asked Questions

Post  -Hollywood- on 17th June 2008, 4:58 pm

This post will be updated often with frequently asked questions, feel free to check back and see if more answers have been added ^_^

Who owns and runs the Unbridled adoptable?

Unbridled is owned by Leafy and -Hollywood- of Pony Island.

How can I get an Unbridled?

Unbridled horses can be aquired in a variety of ways, including giveaways, flatsales, auctions and competitions. Prize roleplaying is also a great way to earn horses and breeding items.

Can you get custom Unbridled horses?

For sure! We do ask you wait until there is a post with slots open, or a bribe post opened by -Hollywood- or Leafy, though.

Can I trade my Unbridled items and horses?

Yes! Check out the Trading forum for rules and procedures, but please remember, no user-to-user trading with real life cash.

Are Unbridled horses breedable?

They are, the items and procedures can be found on the Breeding forum.

What items are necessary for breeding?

Only a Rose Quartz is required to breed two Unbridled horses, but there are many other gemstones available to influence the offspring.

Can I breed two different types of Unbridled together, such as a breed to a mutation?

You can, but the offspring will tend to be one or the other.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

You can PM -Hollywood-, Leafy or the Unbridled account on Pony Island, or ask on a current Unbridled post on the Pony Island forums.

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