Breeding Information and Procedure

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Breeding Information and Procedure

Post  -Hollywood- on 16th June 2008, 9:11 pm

The Unbrided horses are breedable, and have breeding seasons similar to many other adoptables. This post will outline the breeding items and limitations on Unbrided breeding seasons.

Breeding Items

Rose Quartz - Main Breeding Item, this is required to breed.

The following are special gemstones available to alter the offspring of your Unbridled pair:

Pink Sapphire - Female Offspring
Blue Sapphire - Male Offspring
Diamond - Twins
Topaz - Tack on Offspring
Emerald - Earth Type Offspring
Opal - Air Type Offspring
Pearl - Water Type Offspring
Ruby - Negatives
Amethyst - Medium Other then Photoshop (pencils, copic, etc.)

You may use as many gemstones as you wish with your Unbridled breeding pair, so long as they don't cancel each other out. For example, a pink sapphire, a diamond and a topaz can be used with a rose quartz in order to produce female twins with tack equipt. However, you wouldn't be able to use a pink sapphire and a blue sapphire together with a rose quartz as they cancel each other out.

Breeding Procedure

You do not need to claim slots in order to breed your Unbridled pair, every Unbridled owner automatically has two breeding slots, and these slots are not tradable. The maximum number of foals possible with these two breeding slots is 4, should you be lucky enough to snag a pair of diamonds to use at breeding season. The only limitation on the use of slots is that the forms are sent within the time allowed, which will be outlined in the breeding season post on Pony Island. If you are an item owner, but not an Unbridled horse owner, you automatically have 1 slot, with the maximum number of foals at 2.

A female Unbridled can breed once per season, and a male Unbridled has unlimited breeds.

Once Leafy or -Hollywood- have announced the opening of breeding season, and specified any additional rules, fill out the following form and PM it to the Unbridled account on Pony Island.

Mare: (Name and Link)
Mare's Owner:
Stallion: (Name and Link)
Stallion's Owner:
Slot: 1 or 2 (1 only if you are an item owner only).

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